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Andre Ward vs Sullivan Barrera purses: "Sorry, not getting rich off me"

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Shortly after Ward vs Barrera was finalized, Andre, via Twitter, engaged in a little truthful humor with his Cuban-born foe.

Insisting he wasn't Sullivan Barrera's path to wealth, Ward tweeted: 

“@sullivanbarrera Only time I’m gonna respond to you buddy. You can call us JC Penny, we ain’t got no money for you. Not getting rich off us”

There really is no such thing as the 'Andre Ward Sweepstakes,' unless your name is Sergey Kovalev or Gennady Golovkin. Perhaps Barrera thought he'd hit it big by agreeing to face one of the most respected fighters in the game?

Or maybe it was Ward's way of emphasizing he was unwilling to negotiate a more favorable split for Barrera because the latter is the strong B-side?

Either way, Barrera & Co. were seemingly downright offended by the (Ring TV) purported $350,000 purse granted to Sullivan, as illustrated in the image above tweeted by the Cuban.

We couldn't find Ward's purse. However, given he earned $2 million last summer for fighting lightly regarded Paul Smith on BET, one could surmise Andre will at least receive $2 million plus (?) Saturday night for his HBO battle with Barrera.

UPDATE 3/26: It's believed Barrera will receive $450,000 and Ward $1.85 Million.

Why Barrera wasn't shafted

Only $350,000 to face a fella regarded by many as the No. 1 or 2 pound-for-pound fighter in the world?

Absolute rubbish, right?

While Barrera's purse may seem low, Andre is not a mainstream star a la Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez. Unless a fighter has a relatively big name, he shouldn't expect much for facing Ward because the revenue won't be there.

It's sad but true... Most who will attend and watch Ward vs Barrera probably never heard of Sullivan prior to this match being made. 

In the end, fighter purses are determined by the participants' stock and their ability to draw a crowd, not a fighter's titles, records or rankings nor his opponent's.

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