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Amir Khan vs Chris Algieri Can Brit do what Manny Pacquiao didn't?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Will Amir Khan finally face Floyd Mayweather on September 12?

Some believe it depends on how the former performs on Friday against Chris Algieri. 

(Image courtesy of Top Rank)

According to Khan, Al Haymon, who manages both fighters thinks Floyd's team will have run out of excuses should Khan look dazzling.

"He [Al Haymon] said: 'They are hoping I have a bad performance. They are waiting for a bad fight from me, so they can turn round and say 'we knew you were not good enough,'" Khan recently told Daily Star.

“They're thinking Chris Algieri has a style which doesn't make people look good. Maybe with Amir Khan they're hoping, he might cause me a few problems and make the fight look messy."


“Then they can say 'you're fight wasn't good enough to fight Mayweather next'.

“That's the way they are thinking because deep down they don't want the fight.”

“I need to look good in this fight. Anything can happen in this fight. Everyone can have good or bad days and I just need to make sure I have a good day."

Will Khan sizzle enough to create the buzz necessary for a big showdown with Floyd Mayweather? Perhaps he'll have to do something Manny Pacquiao and Ruslan Provodnikov didn't... stop the allusive Chris Algieri inside the distance.

Chris has already been successful in the 'spoiler' role twice. And while he may not be as 'elite' as fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao or Tim Bradley, he has the tools to give any opponent stylistic problems. Moreover, he has fast hands and feet, is very difficult to trap and, thus far, seems to possess a solid chin.

However, boasting only 8 knockouts in 20 wins, Algieri, unlike a guy like James Kirkland, won't completely change the tide of a bout with one or two shots and doesn't possess the offensive wizardly of a technician like Tim Bradley.

As a result, the defensive-minded New Yorker is not a real knockout threat so look for Khan sit on more of his punches and take more chances than usual.


Moreover, Algieri has tasted the canvas eight times in his last two bouts and is not devoid of defensive lapses.

Khan may not stop Algieri with a punch or combination but he's well-capable of breaking Chris down over the course of a long battle of attrition to earn a stoppage in the 'championship rounds.'

If Amir stops Algieri inside the distance, something Manny Pacquiao didn't do, will it create an avalanche of public demand for Mayweather vs Khan in September?

... And if so, would Floyd take the fight?


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