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Amir Khan vs Canelo Alvarez: Will Khan's Killer Body Shots Jolt the Champ?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Not many are giving the British welterweight of Pakistani decent a chance when he faces lineal middleweight champion Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez in May.

Amir Khan will probably walk into the ring between 162 and 165 lbs while Canelo will likely rehydrate from 155 to 175 lbs, or as much as 180 lbs.

But the Brit insists he's not scared.

He told BoxingScene earlier this week:

"I think I'm going to be at a good weight because of the way I work on the strength side of things. I was a big 147-pound fighter and a big 140-pound fighter as well. Most of my sparring is done at a weight of 161 or 162 and that's when I perform at my best."

"That's when I feel both quick and powerful. I've hurt a lot of middleweights while sparring at that weight. Now I can work on that strength at this weight whereas normally I'd have to lay off the strength side of things because I don't want to be putting on too much muscle."

And while most believe Amir Khan should be wary of Canelo's power, Khan insists Alvarez will respect his power once he gets a taste.

Once he gets hit by my shots, he'll think twice about coming forward. I really believe I'm going to shock the world and that it will be an Amir Khan fight. This isn't about the money, it's about proving myself," Khan told BoxingScene.


Keep in mind, we saw a more tentative Canelo in the latter parts of his fight with Floyd Mayweather. Floyd's speed and return fire often made Alvarez think twice before launching his offensives. And while Floyd didn't have one-punch knockout power, he had enough on his punches to get a opponent's attention and make him cautious.

Amit Khan, as a jr welterweight, had solid power.

Calm and cool, remember when he nearly collected the rugged Marcos Maidana with a body shot in 2010 in the first round of that epic battle? And what about his one-punch destruction of Zab Judah, who had gone the distance with Floyd Mayweather in 2006, the following year?

And in 2014, the gritty Luis Collazo was floored three times by the welterweight version Khan with the last being a body shot.

Boasting a 56 percent knockouts-to-fights ratio, Khan can be explosive and powerful when he chooses.

...And when he commits to his shots, he loves to dig into the body.


When he plants his feet and sits on his shots, he's well-capable of unleashing hard leather. However, by doing this Khan is more vulnerable to return fire.

Will Khan, early in the fight, attempt to engage Canelo and get that respect he's looking for?

Will he even carry his power at a higher weight?

(Khan vs Maidana body shot below - 28 sec)

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