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Alexander Povetkin Trainer Claims Marco Huck Cheated

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Alexander Povetkin trainer Alexander Zimin made startling claims yesterday that Marco Huck (34-1-0) rubbed an illegal chemical agent on his skin that caused his fighter, Alexander Povetkin (24-0-0), to become dizzy and lose strength prior to the 5th round of their title fight last February .

"I have at present, no legal confirmation of what I'm saying but I cannot keep these facts a secret any longer. In the 5th round a very peculiar, strong odor was coming from Marco Huck which made Sasha very dizzy and nauseous. It is my fault for not bringing this up sooner," Zimin told Sports.ru.

Although Alexander Povetkin narrowly won a controversial decision over Huck, fans and insiders were critical of the Russian's performance as Povetkin often looked sluggish, clumsy and vulnerable.

In Round 5, Povetkin appeared to run out of gas while his opponent, Marco Huck, out-hustled him and landed multiple hard right hands. But Zimin claims that a mysterious chemical substance, not Povetkin's lack of conditioning or heart, caused his man to badly tire.

Povetkin's trainer believes there is no explanation for the fatigue aside from foul play as Povetkin was allegedly in fine shape for the fight.

"This was no accident. Before the fight Alexander completed an exercise test and everything was fine. We had no reason to worry."

Pictured: Povetlin vs Huck Fight Poster.  Alexander Povetkin is on the left.

Zimin asserts Huck cheated out of greed and desperation. 

"I lived in Japan a long time. I've seen these things before. These kinds of practices put the enemy out of action. But I understand. In this case the end justified the means. The winner is chasing a multimillion dollar fight with the Klitschkos."

But some question Zimin's claims as Povetkin appeared to have conditioning issues last August when he struggled in the latter part of his bout with Ruslan Chagaev (27-1-1) despite earning a decision victory and the vacant WBA 'Regular' Heavyweight title that accompanied it.

Zimin gives Alexander Povetkin "The highest rating" for the will to win he showed as his fighter successfully overcame weakness and fatigue allegedly caused by the illegal substance applied to Huck's body.

"You remember Huck's face, right? He had to go to the doctor after the fight," a smiling Zimin said.


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