Adrien Broner: The sad fall

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About a year ago I wrote an article titled "Can the Can-Man come back".

I chronicled Adrien Broner's troubles outside the ring and his inconsistent showings inside it.

As a fighter who at one time flashed superstar potential with major crossover appeal, Broner, these days, has become nothing more than a sideshow. At one point, I believed he would turn his career around and realize the great potential he has often teased us with. However, I believe it is time for us to realize that time is running out for 'The Problem.'

Broner is still a very young man, in boxing and life. He is only 29 years old. All of the talent is seemingly still there. It may be possible that while the talent is there, the desire is not.

Broner has always been the type of individual to get people talking. He is arrogant, outspoken, brash and flashy. And while many times his trash talk bordered on disrespectful, he could always draw a crowd and always seemed to believe in himself.

He even proclaimed that he was the best boxer in the world several times. However, in recent times Broner has been doing more damage outside of the ring then in it. His only fight of 2018 was a majority draw with Jessie Vargas. In his prior fight, he was thoroughly out worked and outclassed by Mikey Garcia and in both fights he seemed disinterested. However, outside of the ring he has been far more active.

He has been in court multiple times over the past few years; In trouble for everything from battery to sexual misconduct. But, it is his most recent error in judgement that has me most concerned. Adrien Broner has been banned from Uber for life. That is something that this writer did not even think was possible. His behavior was so unruly that not only did the driver remove him from the vehicle he was banned by the site for life.

I don't know how things could get any worse for Broner. I'm pretty sure they can, and he might find a way to do just that. However, for many of us it is reaching our lowest before we can start the climb back up and this writer still has hope that Broner will get his act together.

Broner needs to change and he has to admit to himself that he needs to change. He needs better people around him. For lack of a better term, he needs to 'grow up.' As a fan of Mr. About Billions, there is no judgement here. We have all made our mistakes in life and have had to learn our lessons. I just hope for the sake of Broner and his supporters that he can learn these lessons before it is too late.

Keep your guard up at all times.


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