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Adrien Broner on running for office: "I'm a fool!"

Lee Cleveland Updated
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"Adrien, when you win this one are you going to run for senator like Pacquiao," queried FightHype.com.

And Broner's reply was classic...

"Hell naw. I don't need to run for no senator. We'd all be f**ked up," Broner told FightHype.com earlier this week.

..."Cause I'm a fool."

"I don't need to run for no senator."

Does Broner have a career in politics?

In May 2016, Adrien Broner endorsed then-Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying, “Everything he’s saying is correct.”

“He gon’ lower them taxes. And that’s what I’m with, for real, because taxes been kicking my a*s,”

“Man, I don’t care. Let that rich ni**a be president.”Broner added.


Broner, of course, faces fight legend Manny Pacquiao January 19. And like him or not, the 29 year old is very entertaining.

Those who thought Adrien Broner's loss to Mikey Garcia last year would be the end of AB on the big stage were wrong. Hence, he's headlining another big event in a month.

Say what you will about AB and all of issues outside-the-ring issues, he did appear focused, in-shape and ready to fight against Garcia who used fine footwork, angles, superior speed and accuracy and a higher activity rate to convincingly outbox his foe.

And after losing to Garcia, AB rallied to earn a draw with Jessie Vargas in April in an exciting bout that forced him to dig deep after falling well behind at the midway point.

Pacquiao vs Broner should be interesting. And win or lose, let's hope AB stays out of politics.

We already have... er.. never mind.


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