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Adrien Broner: Floyd Mayweather rift good for 'AB'

Lee Cleveland Updated
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How things change.

Adrien Broner, who once idolized his former BFF, Floyd Mayweather, now berates him.

On April 1 Broner, who will face Ashely Theophane, a fighter promoted by Floyd, recently said this to BoxingScene:

“I admire [Mayweather] and his work and what he did for the sport. I was going to come up here and keep it at that because I respect Floyd so much, but then that wouldn’t be me."

"For real, like, I respect Floyd. I respect Nate [Jones, who trains Theophane and has helped out with Broner in the past]."

"I respect Ashley. But at the end of the day, they’re not on my motherf***ing side. They’re not up here coming up saying, ‘AB Promotions,’ so I gotta say f*** them guys."

"For me to go in a fight like they my friend, nah, they my enemy right now. That’s what it is. Point blank, period. Hell yeah, I’m going to beat the sh*t out of Ashley."

Perhaps Adrien Broner is finally stepping out and being his own man and creating his own identity instead of clinging to Floyd's coattails.

It's refreshing to see "AB" with some edge these days.

Has Broner changed? Are we seeing a more serious side?

Look for Broner to make a statement against Theophane and don't be surprised if Broner finishes him within the distance and says, "In your face, Floyd."


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