Adrien Broner: Can the Can-Man comeback?

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There is no denying that Adrien Broner is an extremely talented boxer.

With fast hands, decent power, underrated toughness and good counter punching skills he became a a decorated amateur career with 300 wins and only 19 losses, and a four-weight world champion as a professional.

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An athletic boxer with a big-time camera-grabbing personality, can the 28 year old comeback from losing 3 of his last 9 bouts, including Saturday’s disappointing decision verdict Mikey Garcia?

For now, Broner is on the fast track to peaking at gatekeeper status - a fighter who is considered formidable but not elite. He would join numerous others who seemingly failed to maximize their gifts such as Zab Judah, Chad Dawson and Hasim Rahman.

Five years ago, Broner was heralded as the second coming of Money Mayweather. In facr, he was Floyd with knockout power.

Flashy and athletic, his career started well. He won titles, moved up in weight, earned and earned marque status. But back then, he backed-up his swagger in the ring.

When Broner stepped up in class – and weight - he started to face more elite opponents, including Marcos Maidana, Shawn Porter and, of course, Mikey Garcia. All elite level fighters. All winnable fights. However, all three of those fighters won wide decisions over Adrien Broner; even outclassing him at times. ...Yet, none of those guys were more talented or better boxers.

Broner, in all those fights, seemed hesitant. He was tentative early on and fell behind early, forcing him in situations where he needed a knockout to win.

One must wonder where his mind is.

He seems to coast, thinking his raw talent will get him through. When that does not work, he seems lost.

Many have questioned his dedication to boxing, and for good reason.

Between all of his out-of-the-ring exploits, his desire to be a celebrity, and his complete indifference to losing, I believe he boxes because it's the easiest way to make money for himself.

And his reaction to losing is what is the most unsettling. He looks like he is not even bothered. Where is the fire or the competitive edge? Where is the desire to be best?

Broner talks a big game, however he is yet to back it up on the highest stage. That said, he is not a lost cause. He is still very young and very talented. If he can find his focus and turn his career around, it would be a huge comeback story.

But how will Broner pull that off?

You cannot teach desire, passion and work ethic. Perhaps he needs a change of scenery or a more demanding trainer? He needs less distractions and must take his craft more seriously.

As a fan of Broner, I would love to see the Can Man become a ‘problem’ for the boxing world.

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