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Adriana Lima: "Boxing is my exercise, my passion"

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One of most successful models in the world, 5'10" Adriana Lima is the latest female celebrity to praise boxing as a means to getting in top condition.

The Brazilian beauty is, of course, best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel and for being a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics.

In 2012, she was Forbes fourth top-earning model, generating an estimated $7.3 million in one year. And having gotten better with age - and, perhaps, boxing - Lima recently placed second on Forbes' list of top-earning models.

Earlier this year, the red hot Lima told Vogue that boxing "is a passion" for her as it's "the only thing I do for exercise."

No stranger to boxing, Lima has been training in the sport for ten years with former middleweight champion Michael Olajide. Her boxing workouts are an hour and a half daily and she insists the benefits are far more than just cosmetic.


"You know how powerful you are and how much strength you have. When you're confident, you're not bothered by much."


Boxing is wonderful for losing fat and increasing lean muscle and endurance, especially if one has a trainer or partner who'll push them.

"I love to spar," the beauty queen told  DailyBurn

However, one doesn't have to literally spar (i.e. trade punches in the ring) to get a great workout but that would certainly aid one's cause if enhancing fighting ability is a goal. (Sparring tips for Beginners)

For many without an in-your-face coach or personal trainer, sparring can also be a fine way to maximize endurance and calories burned. It's like playing racquetball or basketball; playing by yourself is altogether different than playing against a living, breathing, thinking opponent who is trying to score points and will keep you on your toes as a result.

How will Lima fair in the future?

The supermodel/actress turned 33 in June. As her metabolism starts to slow, her boxing regimen along with a healthy diet will become increasingly vital if she plans to sport that stunning physique into her forties.

Last year, Khloe Kardashian shed an estimated 20-25 lbs, transforming herself into a 'lean mean fighting machine' after she tried boxing.

"Well I love to box,' Khloe told OK! magazine. "I've always boxed. I just love it. I'm good at it. I get the circuit really well."

"Boxing keeps me entertained and you just shed weight."

Who will be the next female celebrity to get on the boxing bandwagon?


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