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50 Cent, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Promote New Energy Drink

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Last month, iconic rapper 50 Cent launched his new energy drink company named "Street King," and collaborated with boxing legends Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather to shoot a commercial for the drink that, ironically, parodies the popular movie 'The Hangover.'

In the ad, 'Fiddy' and 'Money May' arise one morning from a wild night of rivalry to find their suite ruined.  Dazed, confused and listless, they struggle to regain some semblance of uniformity when an animated and lively Mike Tyson struts out of the bathroom and delivers a spirited account of what happened the night before.

This is the first ad in what appears to be an evolving series so you should expect more skits as the saga behind the storyline continues. (Video below)

A Good Cause
50 Cent conceived the idea of creating a new energy drink after visiting South Africa last year. He was moved by the country's vast and increasing levels of hunger and poverty and decided to use his influence to help initiate positive change. As a result  - and according to Street King.com, the rapper launched the new energy drink company to help "feed a billion hungry people" by creating a meal for every energy shot of 5K sold.

You may not see the commercial on television because Fiddy is using the power of social networking to 'get the word out' about world hunger and his new product.

The energy drink initiative has the backing and endorsement of the United Nations' World Food Program.

A Noble Challenge
Fiddy has some stiff competition as the market is already permeated with energy drinks promising to increase our vigor, vitality and concentration, among other things. Packaged in eye-catching cans and usually named something trendy, there seems to be an endless number of energy drink brands who employ savvy and aggressive marketing techniques to reach the "lethargic" masses. Competitors include, but are not limited to, Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, 5-Hour Energy Drink, and PepsiCo's AMP.

Mike Tyson
Tyson's acting skills are improving and his performance is so silly its kind of funny... Better yet, absolutely hilarious.

Street King Website
Street King Facebook Page 


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