How to increase hand speed (+ VIDEO)


    “… But first you gotta get speed. Demon speed. Speed’s what we need. We need greasy, fast speed!”

    Who remembers that famous scene in Rocky II where Mickey, an old-school boxing trainer, decides his fighter, Rocky Balboa, is just too much of a slow, bumbling brute to beat the ultra-slick Apollo Creed?

    As a result, Mickey insisted catching chickens would increase Rocky’s overall speed.

    “If you can catch this little chicken, you can catch greased lightning,” Mickey shouted.

    Who knows if that technique was used back in Mickey’s day?

    Regardless, there are better ways to increase speed; more specifically hand speed.

    Below, boxing trainer and fitness expert Bradon Krause offers one suggestion and clarifies a misnomer.

    When I trained, I shadow-boxed with hand weights to increase speed. And if you’re in good shape and have been training for a while, this technique can make your hands feel so light when you’re not punching with weights, you’ll almost think they’re moving on their own when shadow boxing.

    But, is there a better, more efficient way?

    In the video below, Mr. Krause shows why my old hand-speed training technique might be… antiquated.