Holyfield vs Cooper | Facts, Stats & Video


    Evander Holyfield (Champion) TKO 7 Bert Cooper

    Date: November 23, 1991

    The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    Referee: Mills Lane

    Scoring Thru 6 Rounds:
    58-54 – Holyfield
    59-54 – Holyfield
    59-53 – Holyfield

    World Boxing Association Heavyweight Title
    International Boxing Federation Heavyweight Title

    HBO World Championship Boxing

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    Holyfield vs Cooper Facts & Stats

    • Holyfield vs Cooper is regarded as a classic

      November 23, 1991 was supposed to be Holyfield vs Tyson but Iron Mike withdrew due to a rib injury. Many speculated Team Tyson, including the fighter, was concerned about his rape trial. Mike would be found guilty 8 weeks later.

    • Originally scheduled for a $30 Million payday for fighting Tyson, Holyfield settled for $6 Million against Bert Cooper

    • A short-notice replacement (7-10 days), Cooper earned $750,000 for the fight

    • The bout took place in Atlanta, GA, Holyfield’s hometown. The crowd was very pro-Holyfield as a result

    • Holyfield vs Cooper was not sanctioned by the WBC as Bert Cooper was unrated by the organization. He was, however, ranked No. 12 by the IBF.

    • Holyfield scored a knockdown from a body shot in Round 1 and it appeared the route was on…. Until Copper rocked the champion in Round 3, almost scoring the knockout.

    • Evander suffered the first knockdown of his career in Round 3

    • Cooper had a cut above his right eye and was bleeding from the mouth in Round 5.

    • Evander gave a literal “clinic” on uppercuts in this bout¬†

    • Despite losing, Bert Copper was a hot commodity after this bout due to his surprising performance on short notice.

    • In his next bout, Cooper would face Michael Moorer for the fringe WBO Heavyweight Title in a PPV bout. After being floored early on, Moorer would knockout Bert in another classic slugfest