Foot-stomping in boxing: What is it? (Video)


    When an opponent has superior speed and movement, a fighter will sometimes implement an old trick called foot-stomping.

    How is it done?

    When in range, a fighter will step out of his stance and stomp his opponent’s foot long enough to take uncoil a punch or two, all while impairing his foe’s rhythm and ability to move out of harm’s way.

    The trick works best when one fighter is orthodox and the other a southpaw because a fighter can more easily step on his opponent’s lead foot.

    Is foot-stomping legal?

    The rules of boxing vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and the legality of foot-stomping is highly subjective. Some say it’s illegal but I’ve never seen a fighter warned for foot-stomping and there’s no rule that clearly states it’s illegal. Moreover, when orthodox fighters face southpaws accidental foot-stomping is not uncommon due to the position of the fighters’ lead foot.

    One rule states: You can’t hold your opponent and hit him at the same time, or duck so low that your head is below your opponent’s belt line.

    Can foot-stomping be considered “holding” an opponent?


    A referee can certainly take points away for foot-stomping and some probably have when the tactic was performed in excess.

    In 2011, famed trainer Freddie Roach told FightSaga, “When lefties fight righties it happens all the time.”

    A life in boxing: Freddie Roach on Ali, Tyson, Cotto, Pacquiao and his mum  | Boxing | The Guardian

    “When I fought Camacho, I knocked him down by stepping on his foot. It was really a slip, but they counted it anyway. So it happens and it’s part of fighting a southpaw, so I don’t think it should be that big of an issue…It’s part of the sport. I teach guys to do it myself. When you fight a southpaw, you take advantages that are there.”

    Despite the claims in the video below, foot-stomping is not cheating, according to Freddie Roach.

    Some fans accused Juan Manuel Marquez of excessive foot-stomping in their third fight in 2011.

    Video below.