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Some Black families are reportedly ‘whitewashing’ their homes to increase their property values

By Lee Cleveland - May 26, 2023

Texas: Open (killing) season on BLM supporters… of ANY color?

By Lee Cleveland - May 26, 2023

Monumental and necessary: White House’s strategy to combat anti-Semitism

By Lee Cleveland - May 26, 2023

School removed a quote from Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, ironically proving his point

By Lee Cleveland - May 21, 2023

All Black colleges: No double standard and they aren’t racist

By Leroy Cleveland - May 20, 2023

Anti-Islam: Frmr U.S. Army Serviceman Convicted of Murder in Road Rage Shooting that Sparked Indiana Hate Crimes Law

By Lee Cleveland - May 19, 2023

Alleged Leaker Jack Teixeira’s Obsession with a Potential Race War

By Lee Cleveland - May 14, 2023

White supremacists: Not all are (Anglo) white

By Lee Cleveland - May 10, 2023

Germany mass shooting: Shooter was right-wing extremist who believed women to be inferior

By Lee Cleveland - May 4, 2023

Is racism in America exaggerated? Folks miss today’s trend

By Leroy Cleveland - May 4, 2023

Is AI feeding racist propaganda to your friends and colleagues

By Lee Cleveland - April 29, 2023

Neo-Nazi group is trying to build a white ethnostate in New England

By Lee Cleveland - April 26, 2023

Anti-Semitic, transphobic flyers found in east Atlanta

By Lee Cleveland - April 25, 2023

White supremacist groups aiming to enlist U.S. military personnel for attacks on minorities

By Lee Cleveland - April 5, 2023

Morning Joe busts GOP for floating anti-Semitic conspiracy theory to defend Trump (Video)

By Lee Cleveland - March 21, 2023

Expert: Texas’ Houston takeover isn’t about fixing schools — it’s about “racism and political power”

By Salon .com - March 18, 2023

Crazy woman’s viral racist rant at pizzeria backfires (Video)

By Lee Cleveland - March 7, 2023

DeSantis and CRT: FL’s gov is just trying to score points

By Lee Cleveland - February 2, 2023

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