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The Latest: Tony Dungy’s right-wing, anti-gay situation

By Lee Cleveland - January 21, 2023

Hall of fame coach Tony Dungy, the first Black coach to win a Super Bowl and current cohost of the top-rated NBC show Football in America, has received negative press for the better part of the week.

Intelligent and well-spoken, Dungy had been viewed by most as a man of impeccable character. However, he’s now taking a lot of slack for being anti-gay and trans, and some are calling for the NFL and NBC to take action as a result.

It’s being reported that he speaks at conferences whose organizers are violently homophobic. Moreover, he publicly and proudly stated that he, if in a head coaching role, would not want a gay football player on his team.

And in 2006, Dungy, while speaking at the Indiana Family Institute (IFI), a group that opposes same-sex marriage, said, “I appreciate the stance [IFI is] taking, and I embrace that stance. IFI is saying what the Lord says. You can take that and make your decision on which way you want to be. I’m on the Lord’s side.”

And Dungy has continued to make comments on Twitter about homosexuality. He insists that being LGBTQ is a “lifestyle” despite knowing the opposition to this rhetoric.

Should the NFL and NBC fire Dungy?

The answer probably isn’t as simple as some think.

The close-minded Dungy disagrees with the concepts of homosexuality and transgender but hasn’t said anything hateful or (seemingly) been directly affiliated with legitimate hate groups. For instance, as far as I know, he’s not someone who advocates violence or anger toward gays.

And yes, Dungy spoke at the March for Life rally this afternoon in Washington, D.C. And yes, the event is attended and supported by a few racists, homophobes, chauvinists, and disinformation addicts. However, being pro-life doesn’t make someone any of those things. The core argument there is ‘when does life begin?’

Is Dungy small-minded as it relates to the LGBTQ community? Many would say yes.

But, is Dungy full of hate?

The answer is more complex.

Tony seems like one of those White Archie Bunker types who’s capable of having Black or gay friends so long as ‘they know their place.’

Like the fictitious Bunker, Dungy’s anti-gay bigotry seems to stem more from a lack of understanding – or unwillingness to understand – than old-fashioned hate.

So, should the NFL and NBC fire Dungy?

In the end, the public, more specifically football fans, will make the ultimate decision. If enough people threaten to boycott Dungy’s show and/or the NFL or NBC, those entities will have no other alternative but to fire him. And if advertisers start bailing, he’s gotta go.

But, again, Tony hasn’t been derogatory so don’t be surprised if nothing happens as his views don’t seem to have people’s blood boiling.

Surely there are some NFL coaches and commentators who still don’t believe in interracial marriage. And in 2023, that’s downright archaic. However, would that be enough to fire someone if they’re not nasty and respectfully disagree?

Probably not.

Perhaps a lot of football fans are disappointed with Dungy because they expected more from a Black man who is a coaching trailblazer. Tony is part of a demographic that’s all too familiar with bigotry so some are, understandably, taken aback by his views.

Please share your thoughts on Dungy below.

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