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Terence Crawford’s wife / girlfriend: The lovely Alindra Person



Terence Crawford’s long-term partner is the very cute 32-year-old Alindra Person, who is often referred to as Esha. They have been together for many years and have six children together. While there has been some confusion about their marital status, they have been commonly referred to as husband and wife, even though they may not be legally married.

Alindra was raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where she met Terence and began dating him in the early 2000s. Her profession is not publicly known, but it is likely that she takes care of their six children as her full-time job while Terence pursues his boxing career, earning millions with each fight.

Alindra and Terence live together in Omaha, and she and her beautiful smile can often be seen in his Instagram posts alongside their family members.

Unfortunately, Alindra found herself at the center of unwanted attention when she was fat-shamed by a suspended boxer turned YouTuber named Tyan Booth in February. Booth’s offensive tweet featured a picture of Crawford and Alindra, raising questions about whether a boxer should have a “fat girlfriend.” However, the post was met with widespread criticism, with fellow pro boxer Jamel Herring defending Alindra and emphasizing that love and family matter more than appearance.

Overall, Alindra Person has been an integral part of Terence Crawford’s life and success, providing support and being a devoted partner and mother to their children.

It’s fantastic to witness Terence Crawford excelling not only inside the boxing ring but also finding stability and contentment in his personal life outside of it. Seeing him thrive both professionally and personally is truly inspiring! He’s undoubtedly a champion in all aspects of his life.

In the video below, Person and her sisters show up at a Hank Lundy training session to talk light-hearted smack. Lundy, who was preparing to face Crawford for their February 2016 bout, seemed to take the taunting well.

Crawford won via a 5th Round knockout.

Terence Crawford Wife and Sisters, Family Invade Hank Lundy Workout and Have Words

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