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Crawford vs Spence strategy: “If he starts off slow, he’s in trouble”



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The boxing world is buzzing with excitement as two modern-day legends, Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford, prepare to face each other in a highly-anticipated showdown.

Both fighters have been dominant forces in the Welterweight division, earning titles, accolades, and the respect of their peers and fans. Now, their paths have finally crossed, creating immense anticipation for this momentous encounter.

The betting odds for the matchup are extremely close, making it a genuine 50-50 affair.

Boxers and boxing enthusiasts have been voicing their predictions and opinions, adding to the excitement surrounding the bout. Recently, IBF interim champion Jaron Ennis’ father and trainer, Bozy Ennis, shared his thoughts on the fight in an interview with

Bozy Ennis, with his experience and knowledge of the sport, carefully analyzed both fighters’ styles.

He noted that Terence Crawford tends to start his fights slowly, which could be risky when facing an opponent as skilled and relentless as Errol Spence Jr. Bozy believes that if Crawford adopts this slow-start strategy against Spence, he could find himself in trouble.

If Crawford starts out slow like he normally does when he fights… If you watch his fights you saw he always starts off slow. If he does that with Spence, he’s in trouble.

Bozy suggested he’s seen Crawford hurt early but noted he always recovers well. He also mentioned Crawford’s shaky start against Egidijus Kavaliauskas.

“And he got dropped by Kavaliauskas. They said it wasn’t a drop but when they played it back it looked like it was a drop.

Conventional wisdom says Crawford can ill-afford to allow Spence the steal the first three or four rounds by simply being busier and winning in ring generalship. Should Spence win those stanzas, Crawford should make him earn it thereby forcing Spence to expend a lot of energy early.

Despite calling the fight a 50-50 affair, Bozy Ennis expressed confidence in his son, Jaron Ennis. In another interview with FightHype.Tv, Bozy asserted that Jaron possesses the talent and potential to reach new heights in the Welterweight division and firmly believes that once Jaron faces top-caliber opponents like Spence Jr. and Crawford, fans and critics will witness his true greatness.

As anticipation grows for future bouts, it is clear that Jaron Ennis is determined to prove himself in the ring. Fans eagerly await the day when potential matchups against top fighters become a reality, and they can witness Jaron’s rise to become a formidable force in the Welterweight division. Only time will tell if he can elevate his game to solidify his place among the best in the sport.

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