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TX man shot cheerleaders who mistakenly thought his vehicle was their own

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - April 19, 2023

According to CNN, a man in Texas was arrested after he allegedly shot two teenage cheerleaders in a parking lot. It is speculated that one of the girls initially mistook his vehicle for hers, which may have prompted the incident.

One of the teens was airlifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition and the other was given medical attention at the scene. Subsequently, Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr., 25 years of age, was apprehended by authorities.

“I see the guy get out of the passenger door, and I rolled my window down, and I was trying to apologize to him,” Heather Roth said, fighting tears. “And then halfway, my window was down, and he just threw his hands up, and then he pulled out a gun and he just started shooting at all of us.”

Rodriguez has been charged with a third-degree felony of deadly conduct. Additional charges may be brought forward. The incident happened in the car park of a grocery store in Elgin, located 30 minutes away from Austin, and was reported on Tuesday.

Woodlands Elite Cheer Co. recently shared a heartbreaking update about four of their athletes who suffered through a devastating incident on their way back from practice earlier this week.

“We are asking for your prayers for Payton, Keyona, Heather & Genesis. Also, big prayers for Payton as she recovers please,” the post read. “Please keep these girls and our WE cheer family in your thoughts and prayers. WE appreciate our cheer community.”

A GofundMe for one of the teens, Payton, has so far garnered over $66,000.

Main image courtesy of Elgin Police Department/Facebook.