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Solomon Peña: ‘MAGA King’ lost election, then allegedly hired hit men for revenge



In the world of politics, ambition often fuels a drive for power and influence.

Solomon Peña, an aspiring candidate for the New Mexico House of Representatives, embarked on a campaign that captured attention and controversy alike.

Promoting himself as the “MAGA King” and aligning with the Latinos for Trump movement, Peña aimed to shake up the political landscape with his unapologetic stance.

However, his journey took an unexpected turn when he lost the election and resorted to extreme measures to challenge the results.

A Quest for Power: Solomon Peña’s political aspirations were evident from the start. With a fervent belief in the ideals of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, he sought to channel that energy into a successful bid for the New Mexico House of Representatives. Peña’s campaign positioned him as a champion for Latinos supporting Trump, emphasizing a desire to “drain the swamp” and shake up the established political order.

A Rocky Road: As election day approached, Peña’s rhetoric grew more defiant. Likening himself to former President Donald Trump, he refused to concede defeat despite his opponent receiving a whopping 73.6 percent of the vote, mirroring the infamous claims of election rigging. Simultaneously, behind the scenes, an intricate plot was unfolding. Peña allegedly visited the homes of four legislators, attempting to convince them not to formalize the election results. Disillusioned by his loss, he turned to inciting violence, urging others to act on his behalf.

The Unthinkable Unfolds: The gravity of the situation escalated when Peña allegedly hired two individuals, Demetrio and Jose Trujillo, a father and son duo, to carry out drive-by shootings on the homes of the targeted legislators.

Shockingly, these violent acts, conducted on December 22, were conducted while innocent children and family members were present, adding an even darker twist to an already sinister plot.

The Justice Department’s investigation revealed that Peña himself participated in at least one of the shootings, further deepening the gravity of his actions.

Facing the Consequences: As the truth unraveled, the legal ramifications for Peña and the Trujillos became inevitable. All three individuals were charged with conspiracy, interference with federally protected activities, and offenses related to the firearms used in the shootings. Jose Trujillo faced additional charges, including possession of a machine gun and intent to distribute fentanyl, reflecting the magnitude of his involvement in the criminal activities.

The Funding Question: Beyond the charges related to the violent refusal to accept his loss, investigators probed into the possibility that Peña’s campaign was funded by drug money. Reports from the Albuquerque Journal indicated that the ongoing investigation had already revealed discrepancies between recorded donors and their denial of contributing funds to Peña’s campaign. Although the outcome of this aspect of the investigation remains undisclosed, it underscores the potential depths of corruption surrounding Peña’s bid for political power.

A Troubled Legacy: Solomon Peña’s actions have cast a dark shadow over the political landscape in New Mexico. The stark contrast between his promises of a brighter future and the violent path he ultimately chose to pursue has left many questioning the integrity of his campaign and the underlying motivations behind it. The repercussions of his choices will reverberate not only through the legal system but also within the collective consciousness of those who witnessed this troubling saga unfold.

Now what: If convicted on all charges, Peña faces a mandatory minimum of 60 years in prison, according to the DOJ. He also faces several conspiracy and firearms charges in New Mexico, to which the MAGA King has pleaded not guilty, according to CNN.

After Peña was arrested in January, a district court judge ruled that he must remain in jail as he awaits trial, insisting that Peña, based on his alleged actions, poses a threat to the community.

Conclusion: The tale of Solomon Peña serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and risks inherent in the pursuit of political power. It reveals the potentially dangerous consequences when individuals refuse to accept electoral outcomes and resort to violence in an attempt to impose their will.

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