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Gun violence and kids: 2022 set sad record

By Lee Cleveland - January 2, 2023

According to the Gun Violence Archive, over 6,000 children and teens were injured or killed in shootings in 2022; the most in a single year since tracking began nine years ago.

As gun violence continues to encumber the nation, here’s how shootings impacted American children in 2022.

2022 stats, per the Gun Violence Archive

Teens (12-17) killed: Over 1,300

Teens (12-17) injured: Nearly 3,800

Children (11 and younger) killed: Over 300

Children (11 and younger) injured: Nearly 700.

*The above figures include wrongful deaths, such as the accidental firing of a weapon, but not suicides.

There were  50 school shootings  (an average of nearly one per week) that resulted in injuries or fatalities, according to Education Week. At least 31 minors were killed in those shootings, including 19 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Theories on what contributed to the rise in youth gun violence?

  • Increased legal firearm purchasing
  • Increased access to firearms i.e. owners not keeping guns properly stowed
  • Financial stresses (inflation)
  • Psychological trauma caused by the lingering and residual effects of COVID-19