Bowe vs Tillery (1991) | WWE Infiltrates Boxing (Video)

By Leroy Cleveland - July 2, 2022

Event: Riddick Bowe vs Elijah Tillery
Division: Heavyweight
Date: October 29, 1991
Location: Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Bowe vs Tillery Facts & Stats

  • Bizarre fight! Where were Hulk Hogan and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan?
  • Riddick Bowe (27-0) vs Elijah Tillery (23-4)
  • Bowe dominated the first round and dropped Tillery.
  • After the round ended, Tillery walked toward Bowe and taunted him… and then sheer pandemonium broke lose
  • Tillery was disqualified for his actions, much to the surprise of many
  • The fighters rematched two months later with Bowe handing his foe a KO loss

Fast forward to 2:50 below.

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