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AI predicts what celebrity couple’s children would look like

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - April 7, 2023

Colombian celebs Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique have become an item lately. As a result, there’s talk on social media about the possibility of them having children together in the future. Since then, the Colombian media outlet Pulzo has taken it one step further and used AI to show what their potential children could look like.

With the help of Robby Technology, the pics below were produced.

For a girl, she would likely share some of her mother’s traits such as light brown-blonde hair and more prominent eyebrows. At the same time, she would also look like her father to some extent with certain features inherited from him.

If the couple were to have a son, he would most likely take after his dad in appearances. That being said, some traits from Clara Chia would be noticeable such as her eye shape, nose, and lips structure.


They are very attractive children and certainly look like brother and sister.

Here’s hoping Clara and Gerard have kids together soon so we can compare these pics to them and find out if this AI program got it right.


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