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61-year-old grandma wins 2nd place in bodybuilding contest



Monica Bousquet, a 61-year-old grandmother, is breaking age barriers by competing in professional bodybuilding contests. Her recent success, securing second place in the NPC Masters Brazil competition, has made her an inspiration to many, emphasizing that age is not a limiting factor. After winning a silver trophy, she shared an update about her health journey.

Before Monica began her fitness journey, she struggled with chondromalacia, also known as runner’s knee. This painful condition affected the cartilage in her knee joint and posed significant challenges. Let’s explore how she overcame this condition.

Monica took to her Instagram to share her experience dealing with knee issues while pursuing her dream of bodybuilding. Initially, the condition not only caused her physical pain but also led to stress. She believed these problems were a natural consequence of aging.

In her most recent Instagram post, she shared a snippet of her workout routine and explained in her caption that she had been training for seven years. In 2017, she was overweight and diagnosed with grade IV chondromalacia in both knees. During that time, she felt sad and fragile, attributing it to the aging process.

Monica’s perspective changed when she started her fitness journey and became captivated by weight training. She also began to prioritize proper nutrition and quality sleep. These lifestyle changes played a crucial role in her transformation, not only helping her overcome her knee condition but also transforming her body and mindset.

Monica Bousquet had always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. Her relationship with weight and her body was challenging, partly influenced by genetics as her father was obese. Despite these obstacles, she was determined to live a healthier life and started her transformation in her 50s.

Today, Monica maintains a rigorous workout routine, exercising six days a week without any setbacks. She continues to serve as an inspiration, proving that fitness is not limited to the young and that anyone who desires to transform their body can embark on that journey, regardless of age.

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