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Saturday, 11 July 2015 04:00

Funniest boxing dodges ever (VIDEO)

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Don't try this at home.

Boxing hall-of-famer Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson showcases his defensive prowess against an unnamed opponent.

Talk about making your opponent miss...
It's as if Johnson knows what his opponent will throw before his opponent does.

You expend more energy missing than when you connect because you have to stop your swinging motion on your own.

Afrer a while, it seems Johnson's opponent is reluctant to throw punches anymore.

Johnson was a fast and skilled southpaw who won world titles at flyweight and junior bantamweight twice, and lived in the Top 10 pound-for-pound rankings for at least half of his seventeen year career which ran from 1990 to 2006.

Some insist he was avoided by stars Johnny Tapia, Danny Romero, Michael Carbajal and Ricardo Lopez.

Enjoy the awesome - and funny - showcase by the great Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson.