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Saad Muhammad vs Lopez II Round 8 (1980): One of the most amazing rounds you'll ever see (VIDEO)

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Saad Muhammad vs Lopez 2 Round 8 (1980)

July 13, 1980

Location: Great Gorge Playboy Club, McAfee, New Jersey, USA

Referee: Waldemar Schmidt

Division: Light Heavyweight

Title: WBC (saad Muhammad defending)

Rounds: 15

  • Matthew Saad Muhammad (26-3-2, 18 KO) vs Yaqui Lopez (49-9, 33 KO)
  • This bout was a rematch of a fight that took place two years prior which was won by Saad Muhammad via TKO in Round 11
  • 1980 RING Magazine Fight of the Year
  • Saad Muhammad eventually stopped Lopez in Round 14; Scores at the time were in favor of Matthew 124-123, 125-122 and 125-123