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Muhammad Ali in iconic d-CON Roach commercial, 1980 (Video)

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'The Greatest,' Muhammad Ali, laced 'em up for d-CON near the end of his illustrious career in what arguably became several of the most endeared, most mimicked television ads of the decade in the U.S.

Years: 1980 and 1981

Company: d-CON

Product: d-CON four/gone

Broadcast: U.S.

Length: 30 seconds

In 1980, Ali appeared in a funny TV commercial for d-CON, a company that sells roach and mice control products for homes.

After pounding the heavy bag Ali jesters to the camera, shakes a fist, and insists, "I don' want you livin' wit' roaches!"

It was around this time that Ali's Parkinson's disease had become more noticeable to the general public as he started struggling a bit with vocal stutters and trembling hands. Nevertheless, he would participate in two more bouts, losing to then-world champion Larry Holmes in 1980 and dropping a unanimous decision to rising upstart Trevor Berbick the following year.

Ali is generally considered one of the greatest fighters ever and is indisputably the most accomplished heavyweight of all-time.

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As an international sports legend and social activist, Ali has been the subject of numerous publications, films and other creative works. He has also appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated 37 times, second only to Michael Jordan.