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Spence vs Peterson: Trouble for The Truth?

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January 20, 2018. Less than two weeks from today IBF Welterweight Champion Errol Spence Jr. will defend his title against two division champion Lamont Peterson.

One has to applaud Spence for taking on such a difficult challenge in his first title defense. Peterson is not only a recognizable name to boxing fans, he's a handful for any boxer not named Lucas Matthysse. However, was this was an error in judgement by Team Spence.

Undoubetdly and deservedly, Spence will walk into this fight as the favorite. Spence is younger, fresher, stronger and undefeated. And Spence has a ton of momentum. 

He is coming off a dominate stoppage of Kell Brook. And while the fight was by no means one sided, spence managed to survive Brook's early assault and break him down (especially to the body)

Spence looks the part of a future all-time great. Talented, confident, poised and a finishing instinct as well. Errol has all the drive and the tools to become the face of the 147 pound division. However, to count out Peterson in this match would be serious mistake.

Lamont Peteron is one of the most underappreciated fighters in the boxing world today and the lack of respect he gets is borderline criminal.

Not only is Peterson one of the few true class acts in our sport, but he has an amazing story as well. With his father incarcerated and his mother dealing with personal issues Lamont and his brother, Anthony, spent most of their formative years homeless on the streets of D.C. But Peterson overcame that and refused to become a product of his surroundings.

Lamont always comes to fight and gives every fighter a hard night. 
The controversy surroundinghisnamesometimesmakes it hard for people to get behind him. He lost very close decisionsto Danny Garcia and Victor Ortiz in fights he probably should have won. He was also given the nod in an excellent fight with Amir Khan which he may not have deserved. Peterson is a good boxer who is both fearless and determined.

While I expect Spence to win, an upset would not surprise me a lot. Stranger things have happened in our beloved sport.

Peterson will no doubt come in to this fight looking to delay the rise of Spence while Errol Spence will be looking to have another breakout perfromance to justify the lofty expectations he has.

Is  Errol "The Truth" Spence in a bit of trouble?

We will find out on January 20.

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