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Horn vs Corcoran broadcast time in US / UK: Where, when and why

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As boxing continues a renaissance in some areas and enhanced popularity in others, American and British fight fans should get used to fight card broadcasts taking place on unusual days and times.

... Unusual for the Yankees and Brits but not the host country, that is.

Later this week, newly-crowned WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn of Australia will face British challenger Gary Corcoran in Brisbane.

There's "some" American and British interest in this fight because people want to know if Horn is for real. The Aussie, of course, won a surprising and controversial decision tilt over all-time legend Manny Pacquiao in front of 50,000 of his countrymen last summer and is a likely next-fight opponent for red hot top 10 pound-for-pound fighter Terence Crawford.

Moreover, Horn's opponent hails from the UK so Horn vs Corcoran is - or should be - on the radar of British fans.

The good news and the bad
First, the good news. Horn vs Corcoran will be broadcast live in the US and UK.

And now, the bad news. The fight will take place Thursday night Brisbane time and Wednesday morning in the United States and England.

Who has big fight cards on Thursday nights?

Answer: The Aussies and Kiwis.

In the United States
Per, the live broadcast for Horn vs Corcoran will start at 3:30 AM ET on Wednesday, December 13 and be broadcast on ESPN 3. Actual time for the main event is likely to be 4:30AM ET or later.

In England
BoxNation  will air the fight at 10AM (London time) on Wednesday when most in the UK will be settling into their work day offices. Perhaps Brits can catch the main event during lunch as it will likely start past 11AM.

Although the day and time pose an inconvenience for Americans and Brits, international enthusiasm for the Sweet Science is healthy for the sport. So, if the Aussies love big fight cards on their Thursday nights, North America and Europe will have to adjust sometimes.

Why Thursdays?
Historically, many people there received their wage payment on Thursdays, so it was a good night for trade/entertainment/spending money.


Time  zone details: In December, Brisbane is 15 hours ahead of New York and 10 London. 


Joshua vs Parker
Given unified heavyweight Anthony Joshua will likely face Kiwi and WBO belt holder Joseph Parker in a few months, one must seriously consider the ramifications should the latter win. A New Zealander owning 3/4 of the heavyweight title may very well fight at times that are most accommodating to New Zealand and Australia.

In the end, money (in the form of international public demand) will determine fight times. Obviously, Joshua vs Parker will take place on a day and time that's most ideal for the United Kingdom. And a Pacquiao vs Horn rematch, should it happen, would most certainly take place on a Saturday night stateside.

That stated, if boxing continues to flourish internationally, hardcore American and British junkies will find themselves at the logistic mercy of foreign nations who’ll host fights that fall just under the radar, like Horn vs Corcoran, on days and times obscure for us.

Leroy Cleveland

Lee is Managing Editor of, a student of the Sweet Science and longtime boxing fan.