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Jones vs Margarito: Odds, prediction

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One of boxing's longtime bad boys is back.

This weekend, former welterweight champion Antonio Margarito (40-8, 27 KO's) faces Carson Jones (40-11-3, 30 KO) in Mexico.

Remember when Margarito was among the most feared fighters in the sport, registering wins over Kermit Cintron, Joshua Clottey and Miguel Cotto? But everything would change the night he faced Shane Mosley in 2009. Not only would Antonio get knocked out, he was caught with loaded gloves prior to the bout and subsequently penalized by the commissions and criticized by fans.

Since then, things haven't been the same for him. In fact, he hasn't recorded a stoppage his 2008 bout with Cotto.

Now, at 39, Margarito looks to position himself for one or two more superfights and is hoping a win over he quality Carson Jones will make him relevant once again.

Jones vs Margarito odds
There aren't many oddsmakers wagering on this fight. We did find one, though.

As of Friday, September 2, bet365 has Margarito and Jones slated at 5/6 - a toss-up.

It's very rare to see exactly even odds but it's understandable in this case.

Historically, Jones has had trouble against the bigger names. Moreover, many of his wins have come against fellas with modest records. For instance, Jones was 3-0 in 2016 but his opponents entered their fights with him 9-0-1, 5-23-1 and 8-31-4.

Minus Kell Brook, who Jones fought twice, Carson hasn't been in the ring with anyone of Margarito's pedigree. However, Antonio is 39 and has been very inactive since the Mosley loss in 2009.

Over the last 8 years, Margarito is a mere 3-3. Of course, all three of those losses came at the hands of elite-level stars Shane Mosley, Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto. And while there's certainly no shame losing to those guys, Margarito hasn't sizzled in his three wins against mid-tier opposition.

Margarito's resume is much better but Jones' but the latter is eight years younger and has been a lot more active the last eight years, especially since 2012.

After his December 2011 loss to Cotto, Margarito went on a near 5-year hiatus.

Margarito vs Jones prediction
If it's anywhere near close, Margarito wins because he's fighting at home, is the obvious A-side and has a bigger name.

If Margarito vs Jones were anywhere else, like the US or UK, I'd pick Carson. I'm picking Margarito because his Mexican fans will be on-hand to give him a psychological boost. Yes, home field advantage will pay big dividends for Margarito.

The onus will be on Jones to do something spectacular and I predict he'll fall short despite a valiant effort.

Prediction: Margarito is tested but survives to win via a close but unanimous decision in a fight that either fighter could have conceivably won.

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