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Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux: Odds and predictions (early)

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It was recently reported by the LA Times that current WBO Super Featherweight Champion Vasyl Lomachenko will make his way back to the ESPN stage on Saturday, December 9, at a location and against an opponent yet to be determined.

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According to ESPN's expert commentator and experienced fight trainer Teddy Atlas, there's only one interesting and competitive option for the amazingly skilled Ukrainian.

"Look, Lomachenko needs to be tested and he needs better opponents," Atlas recently stated to FightHype.com. "I think of Rigondeaux."

"I know Rigo's not scintillating or anything like that, but I would love to see him match all those skills with a guy who's also very skillful in Lomachenko. Rigo is a great counter puncher, a great body puncher, a great defensive fighter...I know he doesn't fight enough, and no one knows how old he really is, but to me it's the most interesting match-up you could make for either fighter at this time."

Although the elite level Cuban exile was seemingly banished from appearances on HBO Boxing and subsequently dropped by former promoter Top Rank, Inc., the ESPN fight announcer believes the match-up would provide answers as to how complete the "Hi-Tech Matrix" truly is in the squared circle, and would definitively secure his standing among the pound for pound best in boxing.

So who would be considered the betting favorite leading into the potential December 9 pairing?

Atlas believes the bigger and more active champion would be the handicapper's choice.

"I like Lomachenko," claims Teddy Atlas. "But it would be interesting to see because Rigondeaux would try to catch him with maybe the one spot Lomachenko would make a mistake. Rigo is calm enough, accurate enough, patient enough and powerful enough to maybe place a punch at the right time."

Because of the undefeated Cuban's decorated amateur pedigree and his impressive, unbeaten resume, many race and sports books list the projected match-up as a virtually dead-even bout with Loma receiving the slight nod at 2/3 odds, which is basically even money to potential interested gamblers.

While the skilled Cuban only stands 5'4" tall in the center of the ring, compared to Vasyl's 5'6" posture, many interested observers believe Guillermo would have the advantage in the ring because of his movement and accurate counter punching ability.

Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux (stories)
December 9, 2017
Madison Square Garden
New York City

Broadcast: ESPN
Division: Super featherweight
Title: WBO (Lomachenko defending)

In a recent interview with FightHub TV, former world champ Sugar Shane Mosley believes the elusive Super Bantamweight champ would come out on top in a head to head match-up.

"I know both, but the reason why I lean towards Rigondeaux is because of the movement he's going to be giving Lomachenko," states Mosley. "And Rigondeaux does have power, so you can't just run in. But both guys are great fighters, so I could see Lomachenko potentially winning that fight as well...it's a great match-up."

Hopefully fight fans will see this elite level pairing come to fruition later this year on ESPN!!

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