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Cotto vs Kamegai odds: Right time for an upset

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Although fight legend Miguel Cotto faces Yoshihiro Kamegai on August 26, he seems to have one foot out of boxing.

He's had only four fights since December 2012 and has been talking about retirement for over a year. Moreover, hopes for a superfight with fight legend Juan Manuel Marquez were squashed when the latter announced his retirement from boxing last week.

Add to that his diminished stock over the years and the perceived irrelevance of his upcoming bout, and the writing is on the wall: Miguel Cotto is primed to be upset.

Cotto vs Kamegai odds
This fight, which takes place on the same night as Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, is so insignificant we can't find odds on this bout. 

Cotto is, or will be, the favorite but don't be surprised if Kamegai upsets an overconfident, disinterested Cotto.

Remember Vargas vs Mayorga?
In 2007, boxing star Fernando Vargas picked Ricardo Mayorga for his 'Farewell' bout and lost a shocking majority decision.

Team Vargas thought Mayorga would be a fine 'opponent' given his ability to sell a fight and the fact he'd been previously KO'd by other stars,  Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad.

Cotto vs Kamegai: The sleeper fight
Yoshihiro Kamegai has a wonderful opportunity to catch Cotto off his game because the former has so much more to gain as Cotto is essentially fighting for a paycheck. Win or lose, Miguel is still a first ballot hall of famer and this fight's outcome has no bearing on his perception.

On the other hand, Kamegai is hungry and boasts an impressive knockouts-to-fights ratio. In addition, Kamegai has never been stopped inside the distance and has a big win over Jesus Soto Karass.

And who can forget his bout with Robert Guerrero in 2014 where Yoshihiro dropped a decision in an entertaining classic?

A rangier fighter than Cotto, Kamegai is a power puncher who overwhelms his opponent with crisp, accurate punching. 

Yes, Cotto is still far and away the favorite, but if fighter has a chance to orchestrate an upset in the coming weeks, it's Yoshihiro Kamegai because of the circumstances surrounding the fight, his punching power and his perceived durability.

Lee Cleveland

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