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Miguel Cotto: Marquez's retirement will expedite Miguel's

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Although fight legend Miguel Cotto faces Yoshihiro Kamegai on August 26, he seems to be, for all intents and purposes, done with boxing.

Following his loss to Canelo Alvarez in Fall 2015, his most recent fight, there were rumors of Miguel possibly facing the likes of Tim Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez and Gennady Golovkin among others. However, Golovkin is facing Canelo next month and Bradley and Marquez have retired within the past week leaving Cotto with few high-profile options.

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Of course, Marquez was the most intriguing opponent for Miguel and Cotto vs Marquez would have garnered the most attention... And a lot of money.

"I was thinking of opponents for Miguel Cotto down the line and I think Marquez would be a perfect opponent," Roach told Boxing Scene in 2016. "That would be a great fight. When a Puerto Rican and a Mexican get together, it's always great."

Miguel’s stock had dropped a bit, even prior to his loss to Canelo. However, a superfight with another legend, Juan Manuel Marquez in this case, would have been huge based on their iconic statuses and the Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry.

Now, following Marquez's recent announcement, don't be surprised if Cotto officially retires after the Kamegai fight.

Teams Cotto and Marquez were unsuccessful in negotiating a fight a last year. However, with Marquez still actively seeking fights, Team Cotto likely assumed Cotto vs Marquez was, at the very least, a remote possibility.

In the end, the teams were far apart at the bargaining table. They couldn't agree on a purse split nor a catchweight. Regarding the latter, Cotto, who tipped the scale at 153.75 lbs for his November 2015 bout with Canelo Alvarez, is naturally bigger than Marquez who weighed 141.75 lbs for his most recent bout with Mike Alvarado in 2014.

Cotto can't make 147 lbs comfortably anymore and Marquez, a natural 140 lb fighter at this stage, refused to fight above 147 lbs.

Cotto has long insisted December 31, 2017 would mark his last day as an active fighter, but has hinted he'd take one more fight if terms for a high-profile affair could be finalized prior to that day.

Expect Miguel Cotto to make a retirement announcement by the end of September, unless handlers of the beleaguered Amir Khan or David Lemieux offer the Puerto Rican a really sweet deal.

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