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Khan vs Brook: No more excuses, Amir, the time is right

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Ever since Kell Brook (36-2, 25 KOs) upset Shawn Porter to win a welterweight title in 2014, the former has been trying to bait Amir into fighting him but 'King Khan' seemingly has no interest in facing Brook.

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Until 2016, Brook had fought in Khan's shadow so he didn't bring nearly as much to the table as Amir.

But since the fall of 2014, Brook has waged several successful title defenses. And despite losing to a bigger Gennady Golovkin and a sensation in Errol Spence, the underdog Brook fought valiantly and was highly competitive in both affairs.

Brook vs Khan.... The time is right, now.

After all, Kell and Amir are British rivals who fight in the same division and are competing for bragging rights for the UK fan base, one of the most fervent in all of boxing.

Should it happen this year, Brook vs Khan would be a drama-filled do-or-die fight. The winner would regain his status as a welterweight powerbroker while the loser would have to re-evaluate his career.

However, Amir Khan seems to be backing away again.

"I'm very surprised he is carrying on because he can harm himself and harm his career. If I was him, or his advisors, I would tell him to retire and enjoy life. After two big losses, two bad losses as well, if he's thinking about fighting me that could be a third big loss and bad for his health," Khan told Sky Sports.

Since when is Khan so concerned about his rival's career?

"In his last fight against Errol Spence, he took a knee and gave up. In my opinion, he was doing really well in that fight, and he could have won it, there was only two rounds left. But he just went on his knee and didn't want any more of it. Sometimes, that tells you about someone's heart."

If Brook has no heart, Khan should fight him, right?

Now, suddenly, Khan is worried about Brook's health and state of mind?

Previously, Khan insisted Brook didn't deserve to fight him and Amir had a solid point. Khan was a superstar and Brook was a paper champion.

Today, there is no excuse.

Perhaps Khan is concerned that two losses consecutively would implode his stock?

Or maybe, just maybe, he thinks a fight with Manny Pacquiao can still happen.

Amir, don't hold your breath.

In May 2015,  immediately following Brook’s stoppage victory over Frankie Gavin, Brook's promoter, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sports, had several choice words to say about a potential match-up with Amir Khan.

"Khan says it’s not about the money. Well then what about the world title? He says it’s not about the belt. So what is it about? It’s about legacy? Well come and have a major fight in an outdoor stadium…one of the biggest fights in Britain."

"That’s a legacy, isn’t it?”

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