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Chavez Jr vs Jacobs on tap? Stay away Julio

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Per, former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (50-3-1, 32 KOs) might face former middleweight belt holder Daniel Jacobs (32-2, 29 KOs) in December.

Should it happen, the bout would take place at super middleweight.

Julio last fought in May, losing a disappointing points verdict to Canelo Alvarez in a bout that was over before it began thanks to the 164.5 pound catchweight. Chavez Jr had outgrown the middleweight division. And at this point, making the super middleweight limit of 168 wouldn't be a picnic.

"I am proud that I was able to return to boxing after having my hand surgery and having to drop more than 70 pounds in seven months, and then to score 163 pounds after five years of not fighting at that weight," Chavez Jr. told

"There were times I where thought I was going to die because I lost so much weight. Thank God I was able to do it, although not in the best way, but I'm fine. I think my best moment is yet to come."

Maybe and maybe not.

Regardless, Julio doesn't - or at least shouldn't - want to fight the world's No. 2 middleweight immediately following that decisive loss.

At 30, Jacobs is 32-2 with 29 KOs - Not exactly modest numbers. And keep in mind, this is the same fella who gave Gennady Golovkin everything the latter could handle in losing a tight decision. Moreover, he's stopped Peter Quillin in the opening stanza.

Consecutive poor performances would set Julio's career even further back.

Chavez vs Jacobs odds and prediction
The betting line would certainly be heavily in Jacobs' favor.

If I'm Team Chavez, Julio's performance in the Canelo fight would be the least of my concerns as I'd give him the benefit of the doubt because of the catchweight.

However, and for starters, would Chavez Jr even make the 168 pound weight limit?  Sure, he barely made 164.5 in May, but that was for a high-profile, high-money bout. His spoils wouldn't  be nearly as high for fighting Jacobs.

Would he be motivated enough to make 168?

Probably not. His frame is too large for him to fight at his full potential at super middleweight. 

Secondly, don't forget Chavez Jr was a full-fledged light heavyweight two years ago and was knocked out at that weight in a bout he wasn't competitive in. That stated, a 175 lb Chavez would be much stronger and, if disciplined, could be a force at light heavyweight.

Keywords: If disciplined.

I like Jacobs to knockout Chavez Jr in 5 should they fight in December.

Advice for Team Chavez Jr
Given he's a mainstream athlete with a gritty beard, Julio could take a page out of the 'Hector Camacho Sr (Late) Career Playbook' and fight sporadically every 7 or 9 months against fighters popular enough to help generate the level of revenue to make it worthwhile.

Maybe he doesn't fight for a title again until 2019. In the meantime, he should start staging one-off return bouts against guys like Jean Pascal. Maybe he can lure Kelly Pavlik or Carl Froch out of retirement?

Chavez Jr vs Froch or Pavlik would be intriguing because stars' comeback fights are always big.

In fact, a 2018 cruiserweight showdown 'Down Under' with 40-something Australian national hero Danny Green might generate Aussie interest.

If Chavez does fight Jacobs at 168, he should have at least a tune-up or two beforehand and do it next year.

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