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Brook vs. Spence: Can Errol take Kell's 'Chocolate Brownies' for 12 rounds? (Radio)

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This Saturday night, May 27, in Sheffield, England, Kell Brook will defend his IBF Welterweight championship against highly touted contender Errol Spence, in what many consider to be one of the best match-ups in boxing.

Many questions surround both men leading into this weekend's intriguing scheduled 12 round contest, but one very perplexing inquiry concerning the physical durability of the title challenger is continually brought up from fight fans and critics alike.

Can Errol Spence take one of the champ's heralded "chocolate brownies" and stay focused on his game plan?

Current champion and potential opponent for the eventual winner Keith Thurman recently voiced his opinion to about the clamored prizefight.

"I do consider Kell Brook a hard fight for Errol Spence," claims the current WBC and WBA Welterweight champion.

Brook vs Spence
Date: May 27, 2017

Location: Bramall Lane Football Ground (outdoors)
Venue: Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Broadcast: Showtime (U.S.); Sky Sports (U.K)

Division: Welterweight
Title: IBF
Champion: Kell Brook

Favorite: Spence

"Kell Brook is not a small guy. Before my fight with Shawn Porter, Kell approached me in the elevator and shook my hand. He's bigger than I am. He has good height for a Welterweight, and also has the reach and power for it. He's got good boxing ability and a solid 1-2, which I think is a real strong point for him. Kell also has decent speed and is well composed in the ring."

"It's definitely going to be a good fight."

But can Spence take Brook's combination of speed, power, accuracy and intelligence?

On February 10, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas, the talented Texas based IBF challenger was ostensibly buzzed with a sharp, counter right hand by Kenyan born journeyman Peter Oluoch early in the scheduled eight round contest. Spence quickly regained his composure and poise in the ring and eventually stopped the tough Kenyan in the fourth stanza."

"One-Time" believes the end result is ultimately what's most important and an indication of a fighter's true character.

"He got hit, and came back to win the fight by knock-out," stated Thurman.

"I've been hit...Floyd's been hit. Every fighter gets's inevitable in the fight game. It's not about whether or not you get hit, it's how well you stay composed in the ring after you do get hit. He's a real fighter. Perfect example is Victor Ortiz. We're talking about a fighter's overall heart and will to win. It's not about getting's about how you manage everything after getting hit."

With a vested interest in the eventual outcome of this weekend's big fight, Keith gave his prediction of how he believes the contest will inevitably play out.

"I think Errol may have the ability to hurt Kell Brook more than Kell has the ability to hurt Spence," the undefeated champ stated to

"I think it will take longer than GGG to break down Kell Brook. But if everything is going his way, I think he'll be able to break down Brook between rounds 7 through 9. It's been my observation on how Errol fights that he's a tree chopper. he'll chop at you until you eventually fall down."

Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence is slated to be broadcast this Saturday, May 27, at 5:15 PM ET on Showtime Sports.



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