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Robert Guerrero defeats Yoshihiro Kamegai in riveting Fight of the Year candidate

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In the main event of the evening, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero (32-2-1, 18 KOs) made his successful return to the ring after a thirteen month layoff by scoring a unanimous decision over the surprisingly game Yoshihiro Kamegai (24-2-1, 21 KOs) in a very entertaining and action filled, twelve round "Fight of the Year" candidate.
The judges at ringside officially scored the fight, 116-112, 117-111, and 117-111, in favor of the winner, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero.

Although "The Ghost" told boxing media outlets throughout fight week that he would elect to box more than he has since moving up to 147 pounds, Guerrero stayed in close quarters throughout the great majority of the exciting toe to toe affair.

Despite using his feet and fighting his opposition from a distance throughout most of his thirteen year career as a professional, the 31 year old favorite from Gilroy, California, fought the Japanese born fighter in a phone booth for twelve hard rounds.

During the first half of the riveting slugfest, Robert ripped savage exchanges to the body and head with the visiting fighter giving just as well as he was taking. Both men stood directly in front of each other, trading hard combinations while leaning on each other.

Whenever Robert chose to use his feet and create distance between the two fighters, the tall, rangy southpaw enjoyed a tactical advantage from mid to long range. But Yoshihiro did a very good job of baiting Guerrero into a firefight, giving the Japanese banger the only opportunity he had to be successful in this style match-up.

In the drama filled sixth stanza, Guerrero took a hard right uppercut that scraped his left eye and opened a nasty gash on his eyelid, which consequently began to close almost immediately. Although both fighters clashed heads in close quarters frequently, the damage to Guerrero's left eye was indeed caused by a clean shot.

Round after round the two brave warriors continued to trade hard leather from short range, with Robert consistently landing the cleaner and seemingly more effective shots. Despite looking worse for wear, Guerrero won more of the exchanges on the inside with hard uppercuts and hooks landing to the body and head of his physically and mentally durable opponent.

The Mexican-American fighter showed better inside fighting technique, turning his shoulder into his opponent and ultimately eliminating half of his legal targets in the ring. Most importantly, Guerrero did a great job hiding his eye from taking further punishment.

In the amazing final round of the evening, both men wanted to end the night in style and began ripping hard, show stopping punches to the body and head of their opponent.

With the two fighters ostensibly hurting each other within the twelfth stanza, it was Robert who seemingly did the most damage in the round, as well as the great majority of the contest.

Final punch stats showed Guerrero landing 411 power shots to Kamegai's 278.

After the fight, Guerrero was pleased with his performance, considering his year long absence from the ring.

"It was a rough one," admitted Robert Guerrero. "He hits my father said, he's not baby nuts, he's big nuts!"

"That's the type of guy I am. I'll stay in there and fight no matter how tough my opponent is and how hard he hits. I'm not a runner, so I went in there and banged it out with him. I like to give the fans what they want, and I think I did that tonight. That's the name of the game. You can't cry about a swollen eye, busted up mouth, or a broken nose, you've got to still keep fighting."

When asked about his future in the packed 147 pound division, Robert didn't mentioned any names as potential opponents.

"There are a lot of fights out there, and I'm leaving that decision to my manager and promoter."

The way Robert conducted himself in the ring on Saturday, June 21st, many big fights should be looming around the corner.