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Is Boxing really dying?

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Boxing is an unpredictable sport and can lead to huge upsets in the ring.
When the unthinkable happens, some fans scream of corruption.

Their logical brains struggle to come to terms with what their eyes have seen.

How could they have gotten it so wrong?

They surely couldn’t have...  So, in their minds, dishonesty must be at play.

From an insider's perspective, bribery and corruption happens sometimes but it is only a problem at the lowest tiers of the sport.

Boxing is always dependent on the economy. British fans can watch boxing rather inexpensively while American fans are forced to spend greater sums.

When people are tight for cash, their bills will take priority, not boxing. As a result, PPV figures will come in less than expected. Of course, this leads to fans warning about the (perceived) state of boxing.

But is boxing really on death's door?

Boxing is not a perfect sport. However, at its core it has a concept that is perfect. Two men face off using only the weapons they were born with. Rules keep it legal and we get to see who is the strongest, bravest, toughest, most intelligent, most skillful and most athletic.

Who wants it more and who has trained the hardest?

It’s simple and its perfect.

But once big money, managers, promoters and TV networks are added, things get complicated. The perfection is lost and fans are left feeling frustrated.

Frustration and doubt don’t mean that boxing is dead, or even near death. As of late, PPV numbers are high and near record levels.


Boxing's top stars are being paid more than ever and stadiums and arenas are seldom empty.

Of course, there is the rising popularity of MMA, specifically UFC. But there is no reason to be concerned about the welfare of boxing as many fight fans follow both sports.

Today, boxing is the most popular combat sport on the planet. It is far from dying... The Sweet Science is prospering.
Mark Havey


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