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Alvarez vs Mosley Prediction | Long-time Trainer's Shocking Pick

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The odds in Las Vegas are 4 to 1 or greater that Canelo Alvarez will defeat "Sugar" Shane Mosely but boxing trainer and insider Miguel Diaz sees things differently.

After a close examination of the facts, Diaz predicts Shane Mosley will defeat Canelo Alvarez.

Diaz's experience and accomplishments undoubtedly give him tremendous insight. The legendary boxing trainer and cut-man has excelled in virtually every position on a championship level in his 40+ years in boxing. As a cut-man, he is arguably one of the most sought-after and busiest individuals in the sport today. And as a trainer, he has successfully led several fighters, such as Eric Morales, to world titles.

Having watched both fighters throughout their careers and followed the reports coming from both fighters' camps, Diaz favors a Mosley victory. Although the trainer and cut-man told FightSaga the Alvarez vs Mosley will be "intriguing," he has a hunch Canelo may be in for a tough fight.

Diaz believes Mosley, with his 15+ years of professional experience, will have a big psychological advantage going into this fight. And while the media continues to focus on the 40 year old Mosley's age, asserting the legend is too old, Diaz isn't quite ready to put Sugar Shane in a rocking chair.

"This is the same thing everybody said before he fought Margarito. He was 37. [They said] he was too old and Margarito was too strong," Diaz uttered.

The long-time trainer and cutman is confident that Mosley is capable of shocking the world tonight just as he did three years ago against Antonio Margarito.

Also, Diaz attributes Mosley's poor performance to Manny Pacquiao last year to Shane's divorce. At the time, it was reported that Mosley was terribly stressed as he was going through what was believed to be messy divorce. According to reports, Shane's ex wife received a significant portion of the fighter's money and property, including all three of his championship belts.

Now that his divorce is behind him, will Shane Mosley have a better frame-of-mind heading into tonight's bout?

Was his training camp any better this time around?

If the same Shane Mosley who defeated Margarito in 2009 walks into the ring tonight, Diaz asserts the 21 year old Canelo Alvarez is likely in for a 'long, long, long fight and probably his first loss.'

Miguel warns that a great old fighter who believes he has something to prove can be a dangerous opponent.

"You have to be so careful with those veterans that are really in great shape . They have something left and if they don't get old that night, be careful," he said.

So which Shane Mosley will show up tonight? Will fans see the tentative, inhibited Mosley who lost to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao or the tiger who devoured Antonio Margarito?

"There's an old saying that every great champion has one great fight left in him."

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