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Floyd Mayweather Shows No Class in Victory

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Floyd Mayweather victorious Floyd Mayweather victorious

In the main event of the highly anticipated "Star Power" Pay-Per-View spectacle, WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz defended his title against perennial pound for pound fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It was easily the most celebrated occasion of the boxing year, with millions of dollars spent on promotion to ensure a captive global audience on September 17th.

Golden Boy Promotions spared no expense in publicizing the grand gala, and as a result, the public was sold on the idea of granting the sport of boxing one more opportunity at capturing the imagination of the mainstream sports fan.

To begin the evening's festivities, the three televised undercard bouts featuring Jessie Vargas, Erik Morales, and Saul Alvarez, proved to be very entertaining displays of heart and courage. For once the sweet science appeared to be on the verge of delivering on its entertainment promise to sports public.

The table had been set and the main course was being delivered; "Star Power" seemed to be well on its way to being perceived as a huge achievement for the ailing sport of boxing in the always scrutinizing court of public opinion.

As the two combatants entered the ring, the crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV, was electric. The excitement was thick and the event was spectacular.

Surely, nothing could spoil this shining moment for the sweet science.

The first three rounds of the scheduled twelve round fight were exactly what the boxing universe had hoped they would be; competitive and action packed.

Unfortunately, no one watching the live event was prepared for what came next.

During the final moments of round number four, Victor Ortiz landed a combination that pushed Floyd Mayweather against the ropes. When the former WBC Champ wasn't having much success landing an additional clean blow on his evasive foe, Ortiz reacted in the heat of the moment and intentionally headbutted Mayweather.

Referee Joe Cortez immediately called for a time out, taking a point away from the defending champion. Uncomfortable and embarrassed, the 24 year old fighter attempted to embrace and apologize to the visually perturbed Floyd Mayweather.

Cortez signaled for both fighters to initiate the action once again, but Ortiz was still trying make amends for his flagrant foul.

While Ortiz was offering a sign of sportsmanship in the aftermath of his crucial mistake, the 34 year old ring veteran decided that he wanted no part of the momentary truce and cracked the unsuspecting champion with a quick left hook, straight right combination to the jaw.

Ortiz immediately went crashing to the canvas and the referee began to count. The Garden City, KS, native was not going to get up, and the fight was over in the blink of a black eye.

The young and naïve fighter never knew what hit him. His gloves were down and his chin was in the air.

Victor Ortiz had just been knocked out by one swift act of cowardice.

If the ending of the fight wasn't enough to disgust most, Floyd's verbal lashing of HBO commentator Larry Merchant during a post fight interview was absolutely appalling.

The viewing public saw a horrific ending to an otherwise great evening of boxing on Saturday night.

Most supposed ringside experts have taken the position of trying to justify the actions of Floyd Mayweather that took place during the final seconds of round number four. Maybe most boxing scribes feel that they have to make sense of the senseless for the "good of boxing".

But what happened this weekend was not good, nor indicative of what most fans enjoy when watching their favorite sporting events. People are inspired by greatness, not insipid acts of weakness. Fans want to see honor and dignity in their athletes, not shame and frailty.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. claims to be one of the greatest fighters of all time. Could anyone imagine the great Joe Louis ending a fight in this manner?

Could anyone picture Manny Pacquiao starching a fighter with his hands at his who is trying to be diplomatic?

Congratulations, Floyd!! You won the WBC Welterweight Championship but failed to inspire the masses once again. Boxing is supposed to be a sport of character and distinction. Thank you for making millions of fans feel cheated and repulsed.